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Is The Google + Page For Your Business Un-Attractive?

An empty Google + page is an unattractive Google + page that won’t attract more clients!


If a potential customer searches in Google to get a particular need and finds your business the first thing they have a chance to look is your Google + page. If they click through to see more, what will they see?

  • If its empty it’s like saying we’re not even open for business!

Not attractive!

  • If it’s all about your business, it’s like going on a first date and talking about yourself all night!

Really not attractive!  

  • The business doesn't demonstrate that they understand what their potential customer needs!

Really really not attractive!


The Google plus page is an opportunity to present the most valuable and influential first impression to a potential customer and its just plain foolish to ignore it. At the very least here are 5 things you need to do to your Google plus page today.

  1. Make sure your category accurately represents your business.
  2. Write a very focused description about your company in less than 300 characters and make the first 100 characters especially attractive to potential customers. In other words, make it about them, not you.
  3. Customize the Banner and profile images. The banner image should give the visitor a feeling of the good things to come from doing business with you. The profile image, can be a logo.
  4. Post content weekly, focusing on being helpful in giving value 80% of the time. This can be with tips and how-to’s, industry news and anything relevant to the customers of your business. It’s okay to slip in and offer every now and then, but keep it under 20%
  5. Create a YouTube channel using the same account that manages your page. This way your videos automatically populate the YouTube tab. The best videos you can create happen to be the easiest, 30 second review videos of your costumers saying Who they are, Where they're from, Way they love your business and why they refer friends. Like these from our sister channel



Every business loves referrals, and done right, Google can be your most valuable referral partner, but you have to teach it who you are and what you do and in today’s market that includes demonstrating that you know who your customer is, understand their needs, and can demonstrate how great you will be at meeting their needs! The Google + platform is there for all of us free of charge. Businesses that recognize that value and seize the opportunity reap the rewards that come from being instantly recognized as a real business leader that understands how the market has changed and has adapted to those changes.

That only scratches the surface, of the possibilities of your Google + page.

What Google + Page tips do you have to add to this list? Leave us a comment and let us know.

An Offer

Have you got no time to do any of the above?  Let us do it for you. Our Google + page design and set up costs only $385.  Leave it to the pros and make your business more attractive than your competitors in Google +, the front line for local businesses in Google searches! Just say the word and we will make it so. Call today! (413) 315-5360 or toll free (844) 334-4736.

Google + Page Set up and Design

An Attractive Google + Page Is a Key to Attracting More Clients

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Our Google + Creation, Design and Optimization service includes:

Google + Profile Creation, Design & Optimization
Google+ Setup
Google+ Profile Creation & Optimization Yes
Unique Email Account Creation (if required)  (if required)
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Banner Image Sourcing, Editing, Resizing, and Customizing Yes
Google+ Business Page Creation & Optimization Yes
Branded Content Writing for Google+ Profile Page Up to 250 Words
Google + Profile Information Population Yes
Website Social Integration and Analytics
Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website and Blog Yes
Social Media Analytics Installation - Google Analytics via Website Yes
Misc Service Items
Dedicated IP Services Yes
Reporting and Auditing
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis Yes
Work Reports Yes

Service Cost: $385

As a bonus, we'll throw in the creation and integration of a YouTube channel with your Google + business page!

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Springfield, MA SEO Clients Get FREE Reputation Marketing This March


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Recently, Attract More Clients released a brand-new feature in our reputation marketing suites, Contact CRM. It allows you to import a list of your clients and set up e-mail follow-ups to get reviews from them online. You won’t need to regularly check who has left feedback or not; Contact CRM will take care of everything until you get the reviews you want.

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One-Two Punch: Mobile Web Design in Springfield + Free Brand Service


Free Brand Establisher Service when you sign up for responsive web design in Springfield

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Mobile gets you far, brand exposure gets you farther!

The latter half of 2013 saw mobile users outnumber desktop users worldwide, according to a report from ComScore. Eight out of ten mobile users utilize their smartphones to gain access to the Internet, with other mobile devices on the rise, as well. You may just be a local business in Springfield, but are you willing to be left out?

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