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Local SEO in Springfield, MA: When Your Community is Your Prime Focus

In this age of online transactions and faster mobile communications, a strong localized presence can help you attract the attention of more customers. Forbes contributor Jayson deMers writes that no entrepreneur should ever disregard the power of local search engine optimization (SEO). Particularly in a prime economic center and highly walkable city such as Springfield, Massachusetts, businesses that make themselves easily searchable on the Web can only look forward to higher foot traffic.

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Focus on Local SEO, Forbes

If you’ve been struggling to grow your sales lately, find out how experts in local SEO in Springfield, MA such as Attract More Clients can help your business get in on the action.

Power NAP

One of the primary tenets of local SEO is sharing your NAP (name, address, and phone number) on a search engine’s business directory, as well as any other online business directories. This data enables search engines to better pin down your main location and make it easier for nearby customers to find you.

Such a step is not that hard to accomplish. Sadly, according to a ConstantContact survey, over 80% of businesses understand the importance of ranking in local searches yet fail to update their particulars. So even if your business moves to a nearby location, make it a point to update all your existing NAPs online as soon as the relocation is complete. Doing so should enable

Targeted Keywords

Local SEO in Springfield may require you to tweak your keyword sets. Rather than stick to generic keywords and compete with the millions of other websites that use those same keywords, you can add location tags (such as landmarks) that situate your business within a particular place. You may be narrowing your focus to fewer customers, but at least you are targeting the correct market.

Going Mobile

Electronic mobile devices like smartphones have become critical tools in the SEO arena as they provide customers the flexibility to search for local businesses while on the move. When you pair up mobile responsive web design with a highly localized SEO effort, you increase your chances of bringing customers from, say, around the block.

An SEO firm like Attract More Clients can help make your website viewable across a wide range of mobile gadgets and operating platforms. If you have sufficient resources, you might want to consider having a special app created that customers can use to learn more about your business or even serve as a mobile storefront.

It’s never too late to beef up your online presence. Do just that and you can watch your business grow as your website and foot traffic go up.

 (Source: Why Every Entrepreneur Should Focus on Local SEO, Forbes)

Springfield Web Design Strategies Work towards Increasing Transactions

Businesses with an online presence need ways to uplift their transaction activity with customers. Part of that includes fixing web design elements to steer customers into placing orders. Writing for Entrepreneur, Ankit Oberoi says that aside from determining the layout and site content, you will also need to fix up the site typography, or how the text is presented in the design.

Some online marketers can’t stress enough how typography in varying degrees of order and execution will affect the quality of messages the customer receives about you. Typography enables you to build up a website with its own personality, which will aid in educating the user about your product or service. That’s a goal you can achieve with Springfield web design experts like those from Attract More Clients.

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