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Maps Marketing

Maps Marketing: Getting Results Starts with Basics

Online marketing can grow your local business quickly. With so many advertising options to choose from it easy for businesses to overlook one of the most successful strategies like maps marketing. Ranking your business page through maps is one of the most powerful ways to gain more customers. Ensuring that your business is the one that gets found over your competitor. Getting into maps results starts with the basics. This article includes expert tips for businesses who want to grow using maps marketing.

Maps Marketing Is Fundamental for Businesses

Any business that wants to grow today needs to do what is necessary to get in the maps results. The good news is there are 3 fairly simple things that should be in place for a business to have a shot at being in maps.

1. Business Listings

Every business needs lots of them with accurate information. Here is an insider secret, if all the information in Google maps is right, Google won't trust it until it can be verified against other sources online. So a business needs listings on all the top sources with the same exact information as in Google my business. Not just close to the same , but exactly the same character for character. The best advice to follow when creating additional business listings, is lock down your citation, which is your businesses name address and phone number and then copy and paste it into each additional listing created for the business. This way you remove that tendency for human error when typing things out manually. Do that and I guarantee you that Google will trust the information.

2. Get 5 Star Reviews.

A business today has to have a strategy in place to consistently get reviews from their customers. Reviews accomplish two things. One, they earn higher rankings in search and 2, they give customers the information that they need to trust that business. The studies are crystal clear on this, BrightLocal showed is that businesses with 5 star reviews get a 22% increase in click through's. So no business wants to ignore that opportunity. To do so is to give up market share to your competition.

3. Mobile Responsive Website

Google changed its algorithm some time ago and it favors mobile responsive websites in search. Because mobile responsive sites give a better experience to those that are using small mobile screens which are now the majority of people searching in the marketplace today. Take care not to confuse a mobile website, and the mobile responsive website. in years past, it was commonplace to build a section version of the businesses website specifically for mobile users. In many cases, this created two versions of the same content which now result in duplicate content penalties by search engines. A mobile responsive site is a single site that simply responds by adapting to whatever size screen is looking at the content found in the site. This way the duplicate content penalties are avoided, not to mention the administrative task of having to update two different websites.Maps Marketing

Want some guidance? Just visit to get access to free resources that will help you put all three of these tips in play for your company.

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Surefire Holiday Remarketing Advice for Marketers And a Free Ad

For those who are still unclear about what remarketing means, this is basically the process of putting ads in front of anyone who have visited your website and browsed your products, but for some reason, didn’t purchase anything. This could have happened for a number of reasons and by remarketing that potential customer, you are reminding them that they were considering the purchase of a certain item.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind in order to get the best possible results from your retargeting strategies.retargeting and remarketing

Focus your ads on converting shoppers

This is a very important thing to consider when you are doing retargeting and you plan on spending money in targeting ads to a specific set of potential customers. You need to focus those ads on the most probable conversions. This means that you should retarget to the person that visited your site and browsed several products for a few minutes and not the visitors that went in and bounced out almost immediately.

Learn from past mistakes

Always take a look at your retargeting data from past campaigns and this is going to allow you to find patterns in conversion rates. You should do that with every retargeting campaign you run as it will help you avoid past mistakes that will waste your time and your money.

Revamp your Ad Roll

The best way to prepare for retargeting during the holidays is to make sure that you use effective imagery, good subject lines, and an effective call to action so more people will choose your store over the rest for the coming holidays. Make sure that you are as creative and unique as you can. Think outside the box to ensure the best possible results. And it goes without saying to split test, Every aspect, starting with the image, followed by the subject line and call to action.

Find out what your competitors are doing

This is a great way to find new ways to be creative with retargeting and you can even enhance the strategies you see your competitors using when you implement them in yours.

Use discounts on targeted products

When you are doing any kind of retargeting, you need to make sure that those you retarget can find the best discounts on the products they showed an interest in purchasing. You never know if they didn’t make a purchase because they felt the prices was too high. You need to make the purchase irresistible for them.

Go mobile

Make sure that your retargeting efforts are mobile friendly because at least 35% of e-commerce activities are taking place through mobile devices and this is not a segment you want to miss out on. That means making sure you take advantage of mobile network ad placement options, use the right size graphics for each placement and making sure your landing pages are mobile responsive. You will definitely find that an effective mobile ad will exponentially increase the success of your retargeting efforts.

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