Pushing Boundaries with Video: 6 Steps to Make a Video That Works

Video is one of the most discussed marketing tools around, and certainly one of the most hyped.. Cisco estimates that it will comprise 82% of all web traffic by 2020 .. And as the head of an inbound marketing agency with an in-house video department , I’ve seen first-hand the power of video..

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How to Use Facebook Live From Your Desktop Without Costly Software

You don't want underestimate the power of Facebook for marketing your local business. You can now broadcast live to your Facebook audience from a mobile device or from your desktop with little or no investment at all. The only thing you need to do is be creative about the kind of content you going to broadcast, and why you're going to broadcast. It's always important to have an objective with all of your marketing content and Facebook live videos are no different. So put on your thinking cap, come up with creative ideas to engage with your Facebook audience and try out Facebook live. Here's a great article that will go over the details of how you can now do Facebook live from your desktop and not just from your mobile device.


Are you looking for new ways to use live video?. Have you considered using Facebook Live to host an on-screen walkthrough?. Using Facebook Live from your desktop opens up a new world of marketing possibilities.. In this article, you’ll discover how to broadcast with Facebook Live using free open-source software..

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Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Video marketing is now in reach of every business large or small. Check out this article that goes over the reasons why you should be investing in video marketing to grow your business. It's never been easier, and there have never been better reasons to jump in and get your feet wet using video.

Small Business Trends Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing to Grow Your Business Small Business Trends In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing , businesses are constantly required to come up with improved ways to promote themselves and attract valuable leads..

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6 Stories Of Local Optimization Done Wrong – Forbes

This is a great article, the just came out today from Jayson DeMers over at Forbes. Number 4 talks about something so important that most local businesses overlook. Read number 4 below and then click through and get the entire article. Great advice to follow if you want to attract more clients to your business. Happy marketing! Leave a comment if number four is something you missed to. There's no shame in it!

4. Sandra didn’t correct her NAP information.In local SEO, NAP stands for your company’s name, address, and phone number—three basic pieces of information that are unique to your company’s identity. Google checks this information, indexes it, and compares it against sources all around the web to help canonize your business’s identity. Unfortunately, Sandra forgot to update her company’s address after moving to a new city, and as a result, there were two distinct versions of her company listed in third-party directories all over the web, leading to a disappearance from the local 3-pack of each city. Fortunately, this setback was reversible, through a local citation clean-up.

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Newly Free Angie’s List Will Increase Appeal of Small Biz Listings

What a remarkable announcement! With online reviews for local businesses being important to more than 90% of consumers today, this was very exciting news. If you have a local business it's important that you read this article. the excerpt below is followed by a link to the original article found on smallbiztrends.com.

Angie’s List (NASDAQ:ANGI) has finally torn down its paywall.The online reviews site, which has traditionally charged its visitors a $40 annual fee now has its reviews and ratings available for free. This change, which hasn’t attracted a lot of attention online, does actually have a strong implication for many businesses that use the site in terms of managing online reputation.The recent move simply means that any consumer will now be able to surf the website at no cost and more easily choose a service provider, whether it’s an electrician, a painter or a plumber. And just like Yelp, you will also be able to submit your review at no cost.Angie’s List has always had an edge in the home services market. However, unlike Yelp where it’s hard for businesses to cover up bad reviews, in the case of Angie’s List, bad reviews could only be seen by those who pay to access the site.So, get a bad review on Yelp and the whole world knows. But get a bad review on Angie’s List and subscribers might know, but at least it wasn’t all over the web.All that’s changed now, and it means listed businesses also need to get their acts together.

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Need Local Business Analytics? Partner Program Opens Yelp Data

This Is Big News:

Yelp (NYSE:YELP), the online review platform, is looking to make the availability of data and analytics even more accessible with the launch of Yelp Knowledge.

The new partnership program the company announced recently provides access to more than 102 million reviews as well as close to 12 years of historical data with highly structured location attributes, to deliver insights that will let you make informed critical decisions to move your business forward.

Last year, Yelp licensed data and reviews to Sprinklr, a company that helps marketers track what consumers say about them on digital platforms. Terms of the deal or any other specifics were not disclosed at the time, but the official launch of Yelp Knowledge with three new partners Medallia, Reputology, and Revinate indicates things probably went well with Sprinklr.

Yelp (NYSE:YELP), the online review platform, is looking to make the availability of data and analytics even more accessible with the launch of Yelp Knowledge. The new partnership program the

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Facebook Page? Why Businesses Need One

Small businesses do not already have a Facebook page set up on the popular social network have already fallen well behind the times. It is now well known and unanimously accepted that Facebook has changed the way businesses market. Small and large businesses alike are establishing their brands image and positioning themselves to be found by their customers. My uncle Hugo used to tell me if we’re going to fish, let's fish where the fish are! Uncle Hugo could be a social media expert today. Facebook is where your business’s customers are, so it is where you need to be as well.A Facebook page for your business is an essential part of an online marketing strategy

Facebook Page Facts

Take a look at these facts and see if you still don't think that your business needs to be using social media marketing, especially Facebook, to promote itself.

  • More than 90% of adult internet users in the United States are on Facebook and regularly look at Facebook pages.
  • According to Facebook the average Facebook user spends 40 min. of their day on Facebook.
  • The average user of Facebook spends more than 11 hours each month browsing Facebook pages.
  • The majority of online users today spend users spend more time on Facebook than on any other specific website, including Google.
  • Facebook is the number one social media network on the planet.

Creating Facebook pages is very easy, and maintaining a Facebook page really only requires a few minutes each day. Given the popularity of the site and the fact that 90% of your potential customers are already on it, those could be the most valuable minutes each day that you spend working on your business.  So the bottom line is this, you don't have to do much to get started using a Facebook page and your results can be quite dramatic given the small amount of time required.

Your Facebook page can have lots of different kinds of information on it. And it's a great idea to put information about your products and services and about your company itself. You can even include mention of promotions or contests that you're holding to keep them coming back for more. But what's very important to remember about Facebook and social media in general, is that it is first a place to engage rather than sell. For example, you can ask questions to get your current customers engaging with you and telling you what they like about your company and what they would like to see changed. When you get conversations like that going  you not only learn where there's room for improvement in your business but you also demonstrate to the friends of your customers that you are social company and interested in what they need and want, and of course how you can help them with that.  Done right, your current customers will start sharing your Facebook page with their friends, which will help you to capture and collect new customers. Your business’s Facebook page will even increase your business website’s visibility in the eyes of search engines, which will increase your results page rankings whenever someone performs a Google search.

The point is that Facebook is a great way to directly engage people and the platform offers plenty of potential customers for you to reach out to. Go here to get started creating your Facebook page.


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