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Social Covers For Social Media Success and Polish

Today I'm writing about social covers. Those are the images at the top of your social media pages. They are the first thing that anyone sees when they come to your page, and it’s remarkable how underutilized that valuable piece of real estate is. Let me show you what I mean.

This business is putting thought into what they put on their Facebook social cover.

It’s important information that they need and want their visitors to see. It looks great on a computer.

social covers in a web browserBut here’s same page on a mobile device.

social covers on a mobile device

OMG You can’t see what’s important!

This business doesn't even realize it, they created the cover believing it would show anywhere somebody sees it. We know they absolutely wanted people to see the information.

More than 60% of all facebook visits happen on a mobile screen!

I want to inspire you to use your social covers in a smart way. Here’s what’s really cool about changing your covers.

  1. Whatever you choose to put there, stays there until you change it again.
  2. When you change your cover it creates a post that says "Hey people this business changed their social cover!"

So why not start changing it all the time AND make the post about what’s on the cover, the offer, an announcement or a recent customer review? Are you inspired yet?  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, not just in the design but in the content.

Many Businesses Aren't Sure What's up Post in Social Media

They get all twisted up about what to post, when to post, how much to post, and in the end, they end up not posting much at all and that's tragic. Here’s what’s true. you can never go wrong posting information and offers that your page followers or potential customers would find valuable. Get creative, don’t be afraid to try different things and see how it works.

Make Your Social Covers Match

And while you’re at it, see to it that all of the covers on all of your social media channels actually match. There’s nothing better than a uniform and consistent brand, wherever it might be found when new customers find you, right?

I’d love to help you get started.

Our design team will create 1 cover set for you on any or all of the top 6 platforms for free. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Google+ Instagram.   You can do branding covers, reputation covers, offer covers, announcement covers. Whatever you want wherever you want it,  it's yours for free because you watch Secret Sauce.  Just use the link below.

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Inbound Lead Follow-Up Using Google Calendar

It's shocking how badly so many businesses are at inbound lead follow-up according to this recent study from Conversica.

Highlights of the research revealed:

  • 111 (34%) of the 327 companies surveyed never responded to the sales lead.
  • Only 1 of 216 companies that responded earned an “A” in all four categories.
  • Only 8% met the 5-minute response time best practice. And the average was 52 hours.
  • More than half the companies made contact no more than 2 times before giving up, even though best practice is 8 or more.
  • Though including a personal greeting or signature increases the likelihood of lead response, 30% of companies didn’t personalize their communication in any way.

How Is the Inbound Lead Follow-Up with Your Business?

This weeks episode of Secret Sauce for Internet Marketing Success, reveals a super simple solution for leads follow-up using a Google calendar.

You have hard-earned, valuable leads coming in from Lead capture forms, Phone calls,  Facebook messages etc.

The worst thing that can happen is not following up to turn a lead into a paying customer. Flawless follow-up is about preparing to be successful with your Internet marketing campaigns. At its simplest it means automating reminders to go on indefinitely until each lead is either lost or converted.

Marketing Automation Is An Entire Industry

Yes there are infinite solutions available in the world that range from free to very expensive. The reality is that a Simple free system is often better than expensive solutions that are difficult to configure and have a long learning curve.  The right one for you is the one that gets the job done. If you don't already have a solution in place, or whatever solution you have you're not using effectively, check this out. You're going to be shocked at how effective flawless follow-up can be using nothing more than an e-mail address in the Google calendar.

Simple Lead Follow-Up System in Less Than a Minute

  1. Go to Google calendarLead Follow-Up Using Google Calendar
  2. Create a new calendar, called inbound leads.
  3. You get a submission from your website contact form via e-mail.
  4. Click more and create an event.
  5. Set the time
  6. Set the repeat
  7. Assign it to the inbound leads calendar
  8. Configure notification alerts
  9. Set who you want to receive notification, and save.

Simple free effective flawless lead follow-up. If you don’t already have a process set, use that one and you’ll never allow a hard-earned lead to fall through the cracks again.

Got a better, easier, cheaper, more flawless inbound lead follow-up process? Share It!

Converting More Website Visitors Using Retargeting

Last week's post and episode of "Secret Sauce" for Internet marketing success was about driving traffic to landing pages. So the next step in our funnels series is retargeting.

Here’s why you want to use retargeting In simple terms.

If 100 people went to your landing page, and only 2 converted. Retargeting can give you unlimited opportunities to convert the 98 people that did not. Let’s face it not everyone is ready on that first visit to take you up on your offers. Remember the rule of 7? The avg person needs to see a message 7 times before they make a decision.

Retargeting done right keeps your business is top of mind, for when they’re ready to make a decision.

The anatomy retargeting.

  • First you need a pixel, you get that from the ad platform you’re using, like facebook or adwords and you install it on your landing page or website,
  • Your pixel allows you to track every visitor.
  • Next you build audiences In your ad platform based on the pages they visited. .
  • Next you need ad images in the right size for the ad platform you’re retargeting on. Here are examples of all the different sizes. There are 23 that cover every ad space in the world.

About ad sizes

Facebook has 4 ad sizes, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, each have 1. The other 15 sizes, are used across the the real time bidding network which covers every other website in the world besides those top 5 social media platforms.

  • Next you need campaigns to show your ads based upon combinations of the 2 different audiences.

Regarding retargeting campaigns

Remember the Pilates studio example from the landing pages episode? They had 100 visitors to the landing page, 2 converted and 98 did not. One campaign will target like this. Display this ad to people that hit the landing page but DID NOT hit the thank you page. That ad would be a second chance ad.

Another campaign could target like this: show this ad to those who hit the landing page AND the thank you page. That ad would offer something that goes along with what they already bought, an upsell of some sort.

2 retargeting campaign examples

Doing retargeting correctly means  showing the right ads to the right person at the right time. If you show ads to people for something they already bought can have a negative effect so, so you want to avoid doing that.

Ready to Consider retargeting?

Here’s an offer for secret sauce subscribers only. Our professional design team will custom design whatever size ad you need for free. Or They’ll design you a full set of 23, for just $245. That’s an $800 value Just click subscribe on the YouTube channel, and then click use link below to take advantage of the offer.

The next episode of secret sauce is flawless follow-up, That’s all about making sure the leads you get from paid traffic and retargeting put money in your pocket because You don’t let them fall through the cracks.

Thanks for watching, see you next time.

Why Not Drive Traffic to Landing Pages?

Last weeks Secret Sauce for Internet Marketing Success episode was about landing pages.  This week's episode and post will get into driving traffic to those landing pages.

There are lots of ways to drive traffic. I'm only going to talk about one for this article because I just want you to be inspired to start playing with driving traffic to your landing pages.   

Facebook ads are exciting because of how targetable they are. Put simply, you can build an audience that can put an ad in front of Facebook users that have pretty much any need you can imagine. 

So here's the anatomy of traffic

  1. The destination for it is your landing page.
  2. You have to have an audience
  3. A campaign
  4. One a more ad groups
  5. 1 or more ads.

Now it’s important to realize that success with traffic is all about knowing your numbers and that means knowing the average value of one new customer. When you know that you can decide in advance what you’re willing to spend to get another one just like it. It totally makes sense when you consider the whole point of advertising is to spend a little to get a customer worth a lot. And if you don’t know your numbers, you won’t be able to figure out the winning formula.

So here’s an example from a business that knows their numbers, They’ve got a landing page for an upcoming Coaches training that costs $1600 per attendee. They have a campaign, ad sets and ads., They’ve got a targeted audience of 22,000 Athletic coaches.

Now, If this ad gets 10,000 impressions and a 1% click through with a cost per click of about $2 which is actually a little high, the traffic costs them $200.

Traffic Is about impressions click through cost per click and conversion

If the landing page converts at 1%, Meaning that 1 of the 100 people brought to the landing page bought the training at 1600 dollars, that earns them $1600 on an investment of $200 in traffic. For a net of $1400.

for traffic revenue minus the cost of traffic equals your net

But Look at what happens when start split testing and you get that click through up to 2% that means landing page visits goes to 200 with conversion staying the same you now get, 2 customers, or $3200 in revenue for the same investment of $200 for the traffic.

in traffic split testing ads and increasing click through or conversion increases revenue


So start imagining what you can do when you know your numbers. You can start experimenting with traffic with very small and inexpensive campaigns while you work on getting your click through and your conversion to the numbers that are necessary to deliver the profitable results you plan for. The key is split testing.  Once you find the winning combination that produces the needed results, you scale that campaign simply by increasing your spend and buying more traffic.  

Your homework for the week, figure out your numbers, then do the math to establish the Click through, and the conversion you need to deliver new customers at the right price. Once you know that, you are ready to start creating campaigns and ads. Now, if you don’t want to do it yourself that’s okay. When you know your numbers in advance you can factor the cost of professional help into your equation. They will ensure that your campaigns are optimized to deliver an excellent return on your investment even with a management fee built-in. not having to do any to work and have a positive return is never a bad thing. Whichever way you choose to go you’ll be on your way to a profitable secret sauce for Internet marketing success using traffic. The next episode is going to be on retargeting. So we can learn how to, get another chance to convert the 99% in this example that didn’t convert on the first visit!

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Landing Pages for Online Marketing Success

If you're not using landing pages in your online marketing strategy, it's time to start.

Sales funnels are a powerful way to nurture prospective customers toward buying a particular product or service. The first stop in most sales funnels is the landing page. It's helpful to understand what makes a landing page different regular pages on your website. Your businesses website is about everything while a good landing page is about one thing. The goal is to drive traffic to the landing page that only includes consumers who need that specific product or service. No distractions, just meet their need. Therefore a good landing page is a problem, a solution and the opportunity to have that solution on one page!

Successful landing pages should have as many of the following qualities as possible.

  1. Laser Focus: Landing pages are about one thing only!
    Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

    Landing Page Example

  2. Features and Benefits: What's in it for the page a visitor?
  3. Authority: Why your product or solution?
  4. Social Proof: Reviews and testimonials
  5. Scarcity: Limited time offer, limited number available
  6. Prominent Call to Action: above the fold, and below.
  7. No other exits besides the call to action.

Watch this video to see a great landing page example that includes all of the above!

How are you using landing pages and sales funnels? I'd love to hear your success stories. Feel free to comment below and leave example links! happy marketing.

If you'd like a review of your own landing page, use this page to submit it.

Everyone gets a response, and one submission will be invited to come on for a live mastermind session to go over your strategy and see if we can make it better together while inspiring others to take action too!

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Online Reputation and Marketing Success

Marketing is not just about seeing to it that a business is found by prospective customers. Today's marketer has to respect the need to show those prospective customers what they need to see to choose their business over competitors. The way to do that today is for business to cultivate the best reputation among the competition in the marketplace.  Aand great online reputation is the credibility piece of this simple equation.

Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

A businesses online reputations never been more important than it is today. There have been dozens of studies on the subject on the percentages of consumers the reviews before making a buying decision. They all put those numbers somewhere between 88% and 97% of consumers who reviews before buying. It makes it clear that a business that ignores this trend does so at its own peril.

of the percentage of consumers that care about online reputation and read reviews before buying

Watch this episode of "Secret Sauce". It is about online reputation.

Online Reputation and Millennial's

Millennials represent every businesses next-generation of lifelong customers. It's reported that 97% of online reviews to judge businesses they're willing to trust. that makes the key to winning this generation over getting online reviews from each and every customer. The good news is that getting reviews is not difficult, contrary to what many businesses have come to believe.  The key to getting online reviews is as simple as asking for them. The simplest approach is to send an e-mail to customers that include a request, for review, appreciation for their business, and include links to two or three sites like Google, Facebook or yelp. The downside is that simple approach is you might invite bad reviews that go public before you realize that the customer was unhappy. So a more effective system is asking for feedback using a private page that you can build out of readily available online surveys and tools. When a customer gives four or five-star feedback, you can set it up so that they're given the chance to leave what they wrote online, where you need them. And it's a good idea to give them at least three choices in the question will choose the one that they use. Again, that could be Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Want to Build a System like That for Your Business?

Take a look at our free training "7 steps to 5 stars" which shows you all the steps necessary for building a system that will allow you to get reviews from your customers on autopilot.

Local Business Listings And Marketing Success

We found that local business listings are one of the most misunderstood and therefore underutilized tools in the marketing tool belt for any local
business. When you understand the role that local business listings play for prospective customers as well as for search engines seeing to a businesses online listings becomes high-priority! To understand the power local business listings it's helpful to look at them through the lens of an age-old success formula, that's worked since the beginning of time.Top Online Local Business Listings

Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

Watch this Episode of Secret Sauce, To get the details!

Off-line the formula looks like this.

A business owner joins the Chamber of Commerce, a BNI chapter or goes to local meet up groups.

  • Showing up regularly accomplishes visibility.
  • Presenting yourself in a professional and consistent manner begins to build credibility
  • Eventually, as the relationships develop, you begin to experience the profitability.

The Same Formula Online

It's a little more complicated!

Local business listings, like Bing, yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Superpages etc. have two things in common;

  1. Millions of consumers use them worldwide to find products and services they need in their life and for their businesses
  2. Their popularity gives them authority in the eyes of search engines like Google.

Visibility is achieved by using them properly in two different ways. The first is obvious the second not so much!

  1. Obviously, a consumer that uses a particular listing to find products and services won't find a business that isn't there, so visibility is achieved by being listed there.
  2. What isn't so obvious, is how Google uses those local listings to decide which competitor in any market has the most credibility. In search, the business with the most credibility gets referred more often by search engines like Google.

Here's where credibility comes in an unexpected way. What many business owners don't realize is that Google is the source of their own data. This puts them at risk as a trusted provider of credible information for being wrong if the data they have is wrong. Google uses these other local business listings to verify the accuracy of the business information in a Google my business page. Every time it finds an exact match, that is more credibility for that business.

Here's an example:

  • Business A goes and makes the top 50 local listings an exact match to their Google my business page
  • Business B ignores their local listings which are inconsistently presenting the business name address and phone number.

Business A Has More Credibility the Business B in the Eyes of Google Ranks Higher in Search Results

Is your business like Business A or Business B?

If the answer is Business B, Here's some help. Click here and you can download the spreadsheet of the top 60 Local Business Listings, that will help you claim and optimize all of your listings for an exact match to Google my business! help yourself, it's a free download.

Top 60 Local Business Listings Download