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6 Stories Of Local Optimization Done Wrong – Forbes

This is a great article, the just came out today from Jayson DeMers over at Forbes. Number 4 talks about something so important that most local businesses overlook. Read number 4 below and then click through and get the entire article. Great advice to follow if you want to attract more clients to your business. […]

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Newly Free Angie’s List Will Increase Appeal of Small Biz Listings

What a remarkable announcement! With online reviews for local businesses being important to more than 90% of consumers today, this was very exciting news. If you have a local business it’s important that you read this article. the excerpt below is followed by a link to the original article found on Angie’s List (NASDAQ:ANGI) has finally […]

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Need Local Business Analytics? Partner Program Opens Yelp Data

This Is Big News: Yelp (NYSE:YELP), the online review platform, is looking to make the availability of data and analytics even more accessible with the launch of Yelp Knowledge. The new partnership program the company announced recently provides access to more than 102 million reviews as well as close to 12 years of historical data […]

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