Google + Page Set up and Design

An Attractive Google + Page Is a Key to Attracting More Clients

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Our Google + Creation, Design and Optimization service includes:

Google + Profile Creation, Design & Optimization
Google+ Setup
Google+ Profile Creation & Optimization Yes
Unique Email Account Creation (if required)  (if required)
Banner Customization of Google+ Business Page Yes
Banner Image Sourcing, Editing, Resizing, and Customizing Yes
Google+ Business Page Creation & Optimization Yes
Branded Content Writing for Google+ Profile Page Up to 250 Words
Google + Profile Information Population Yes
Website Social Integration and Analytics
Social Sharing and Social Interaction Buttons Installed on Website and Blog Yes
Social Media Analytics Installation – Google Analytics via Website Yes
Misc Service Items
Dedicated IP Services Yes
Reporting and Auditing
Internal Report Auditing and Analysis Yes
Work Reports Yes

Service Cost: $385

As a bonus, we’ll throw in the creation and integration of a YouTube channel with your Google + business page!

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