How And Why Your Google+ Score Matters

Managing your online reputation is an important factor for any business regardless of size or industry. One area that all organizations should focus on is their reputation on Google+, specifically their Google+ score. Your score is made up of more than just the sum total of the number of reviews and the average rating as many people assume. There are other factors involved.

Google says on its help page:

Your score is calculated from user ratings and a variety of other signals to ensure that the overall score best reflects the quality of the establishment.

Many marketing consultants and folks who know about programming algorithms are of the opinion that the bit about “a variety of other signals” IsGoogle+ Score Is Important quite possibly referring to Google’s use of what is called a Bayesian average. It allows the algorithm to look beyond raw numbers and instead incorporate other factors that may cause deviation within the formula.

Google+ Score And Your Online Reputation

When potential prospects search for your business, and you have an entry for your business on Google+, details of your business will be listed on the right-hand side of the search results that are returned. It is at this point that your business is front and center in the visitor’s mind and when they can see at a glance where you are based, what you have to offer, your opening hours and the reviews you have received. Reviews, in particular, are important for your reputation, but not just from a consumer point of view. Google also uses reviews to rank your business in search results. If you have more reviews than your competitors and those reviews are more favorable, you will receive a higher Google+ score.

Let’s not forget that Google still has the lion’s share when it comes to the search engine market. For that reason alone it makes sense to include Google+ in your marketing efforts. You can boost your Google+ ranking by ensuring as much information about your business is included in your Google+ listing and posting your business information to as many legitimate business directories as possible.

The bottom line on your Google+ score

So you see, the score matters to Google when it decides whether or not to rank you among your competitors. And the score matters to consumers who compare you to other choices in the marketplace and make their decision accordingly. Armed with this knowledge I hope you are inspired to take the easy route to success and increase your score by encouraging customers to leave reviews about their experience with your service.

Leave your comments below and tell me about your success story as a result of having a great Google+ score!