Social Covers – 8 of 10 Have Them Wrong

Something that will never change is that first impressions matter. And that was true long before there was this thing known as social media. But social media is here, it drives our culture and our economy and first impressions matter there too because were still talking about people. If you care about growing your business, then you care about your first impression right? On all social media platforms the first impression is the cover image that appears at the top. Here’s the thing, 80% of businesses have this wrong. Watch our latest video below on Social Covers to see what I mean.

A Lesson in Fishing for Customers



If you're one of the 80% is not using your social covers effectively, I hope that video inspires you to upgrade your social covers. In the spirit of the Chinese proverb saying teach a man to fish , we'd like to teach you a lesson on fishing using social covers and give you a free cover !

A value of over $500 it is yours using the button below. Limited Time Only.

The Secret Sauce Episode on covers

Your covers can look right on the desktop, but all wrong on small screens. in a previous post I featured a Secret Sauce episode on social covers. This video shows what the 50% or more people who see your Facebook page via a mobile device see when the cover is done improperly. Read the original post.

want to share your social covers?

 I'd like to hear what you're doing with your covers. Leave a comment and share links to one of your covers!