Springfield, MA SEO: Fundamental Elements Other than Link-Building

Years ago, link-building has been considered the bread and butter of any SEO strategy and an important factor in establishing authority for a website. Recently, however, Google had implemented several new regulations that closely scrutinizes the quality of external links. The search giant has even recommended websites to do away with link-building altogether.

Springfield, MA SEO Fundamental Elements Other than Link-Building

This recent crackdown on external link-building has created a divide among the SEO community, with some believing that this practice remains to be an indispensable and viable strategy for SEO, while others contending that it’s time for this method to be avoided at all costs. Link-building, however, is just one element of SEO, and Springfield SEO experts recommend focusing instead on these other fundamentals to get websites at the top of search result rankings.

High-Quality Content

Providing users with well-written content that’s on point and accurate can entice them into buying from your business. Don’t hesitate to list out the important facts about your company, including your address and phone number. Investing in an ongoing content strategy, wherein new content that’s original and informative to your audience would be posted regularly, is also a must for businesses, lest they find themselves falling behind against their competition.

One thing to avoid posting is duplicate content, defined by Google as content that either matches other content completely, or is considerably and appreciably similar. With Google’s web crawlers now designed to be more interested in discovering new and updated pages for its index, coming up with content that’s neither new nor up-to-date would only hurt your SEO strategy.

Presence on Social Media

Having a profile on Facebook or on Twitter isn’t enough to get a boost on your rankings. Involvement on social media is an absolute must, which can be achieved through constantly updating your profiles with company updates, syndicated content, and exclusive offers. This way, you can build and cement relationships with your customers.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Google has acknowledged the growing prevalence of mobile usage, and thus had included a website’s mobile-friendliness among the ranking signals. To put it simply, if your website isn’t accessible on smartphones and tablets, your rankings might gradually dip. To determine whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can try Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test or the Mobile Usability Report.

Search engines like Google are now focusing more on improving user experience through these changes. Effective SEO in Springfield, MA means maximizing these fundamental elements to create the best user experience, which your business can achieve with the help of specialist firms like Attract More Clients.


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