WordPress Management Services

WordPress management is something you’re going to be hearing more about, as WordPress becomes more and more popular. If your business trusts and depends on WordPress as the platform for your web presence, then you undoubtedly have a significant amount of time and money invested in your website and it’s valuable content. Because your website is the foundation of your entire web presence and Internet marketing strategy, it’s really important to keep it safe, secure and up-to-date in order to get the most out of your investment.

You Need WordPress Management If:

  • You’re website is not being backed upon a regular basis.
  • You’re not absolutely sure your backup can successfully be used to restore your site in the event of loss or failure.
  • No one is routinely managing updates of WordPress and the plug-ins you use.
  • You don’t understand the importance or process for managing updates.
  • You don’t have a system to alert you when your website is down.
  • You’re not regularly scanning your website for malware that can ruin your online reputation and e-mail deliverability
  • You’re not regularly reviewing your websites rankings for top keywords
  • You’re not regularly managing blog comments

We currently offer 3 WordPress management plans

  1. Silver $18.40 per month
  2. Gold $62 per month
  3. Platinum $95 per month

All Plans include:

  • 24 hour monitoring
  • WordPress updating
    • We keep WordPress up-to-date as new versions are released
  • Plug-ins updating and compatibility monitoring
    • We keep your plug-ins up-to-date
  • Full Backups
    • Platinum: Daily Backups
    • Gold: Weekly Backups
    • Silver: Monthly Backups
  • Database Optimization
  • Comments Management

Gold and Platinum Bonus Feature

Our WordPress tutorial user manual is included in gold and platinum management plans. There is one feature in particular that makes the gold and platinum plans worth many times more than our low subscription prices. And that is the video tutorials and detailed WordPress user manual integrated right into your administrative panel!

Malware Prevention, Protection and Remediation

Over 40 video tutorials – Professionally produced

Our high-quality video tutorials are professionally voiced, and cover every aspect of using WordPress as an Editor in a non-technical language that you and your staff will understand.

Don’t worry about WordPress updates!

As WordPress updates (quite frequently these days), we automatically produce new videos and a new version of the written manual. You don’t have to do anything. We cover version 2.8 through to latest and update the manual after each stable release.

In-depth written manual in your client’s dashboard

Our well-written and comprehensive manual covers every aspect of WordPress’s functionality in a non-technical and easy language. It has been styled to emulated the WordPress menu order and style. The manual contains over 85 pages and images and is accessible through the dashboard.

You can rest easy that we will deliver all the value we promise. All of our WordPress management plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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