2 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Platform Other Than WordPress

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September 28  

Choosing the right website platform is one of those mission-critical marketing decisions. Businesses spend thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their websites. That means the wrong decision is an expensive one. That's why smart businesses make that critical decision based upon the goals of marketing first. Let's explore that first.


Marketing Goals First

Nothing happens in business until the sale is made and sales are made until marketing efforts produce leads.

  • Converting Visitors to Leads
  • Converting Leads to Customers
  • increasing revenue

Your website is an asset that can do its part to contribute to meeting marketing goals by producing leads on autopilot. To accomplish that you have to stay focused on those three goals. Focusing on anything else will only serve to diminish the effectiveness of your website. That means fewer leads, fewer new customers and less additional revenue. 

The good news is that there are just 2 qualities that you need to focus on to build a highly successful website. WordPress is infinitely extendable which means it can be quickly and easily made to do things beyond the basic WordPress.

2 keys to a successful website

1. Agility

By definition, Agility is the power to move quickly, nimbleness.

Having the ability to rapidly deploy products and service landing pages in minutes instead of days, weeks or even months. 

2. capability for built-in split testing

  • Split Testing is what sets true champion marketers apart from the rest of the field.
  • Split testing is the only way to figure out the precise combination of variables that produce the most conversions from your target audience.
  • split tests created in a matter of minutes produces revenue as fast as possible.

Did You Know?

Internet giants like Google and Amazon split test landing pages 100s, even 1000s of times. 

They do that because they know every split test is an opportunity to increase sales!

How Agility and Built-In Split Testing Support Success

  • When you have the agility to produce site-based marketing assets in minutes, you likely will at every opportunity. Why? To dramatically increase conversions!
  • You can extend your WordPress to include built-in and automated A/B split testing.
  • Having an unlimited number of split tests running simultaneously on autopilot will identify which version produces more conversions and more revenue. 

That’s a website that will perform its function, to grow your business as fast as possible.

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