Web Design Tips on How to Raise Your Website’s Rank and Look Great

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August 4  

Springfield businesses seeking to make an impression should look towards improving their websites. A company’s home webpage is the public face that it shows to customers and this is why you’d want it to look great.

Web Design Tips on How to Raise Your Website’s Rank and Look Great

SEO-friendly web design isn’t as easy as most people think. Trying to balance making an attention-grabbing website and one that also functions perfectly can be difficult. To ensure that you have a well-designed site, you’ll need the help of professional agencies like Attract More Clients. This is because an expert would know how to do the following:

Keep Things Simple

A frequent rookie mistake is to try to make your website fancy with videos and large images. Unfortunately, this type of design loads very slowly, something that frustrates visitors and forces them to check out your competitors. If a video or a large image isn’t necessary, avoid adding them to your website.

Websites should also be optimized for easy navigation. Limit the number of clicks users have to do before reaching the information they need. Providing easy access to information will keep visitors pleased, and more likely to visit your site again in the future. Additionally, easy navigation encourages visitors to stay on your site. The more time people spend on your website, the more search engines raise your ranking. This is because Google counts the time people spend on a site as a mark of quality.

Optimize Internal Links

Another thing a skilled web designer can do to make your website SEO-friendly is to make the internal links of the site consistent, as well as direct to the right content. This is because a search engine uses a website’s own links to navigate through the pages. If your links don’t lead to a page, it won’t be included in the search results. Links leading to dead pages can also downgrade your search engine ranking.

Aim for Mobile

Finally, have the web designer you hire prepare your site for mobile traffic. With the increasing speed of mobile devices, your website needs to be able to adapt to mobile platforms. Responsive web design ensures that whatever device a site is viewed on, it will look great. As an added bonus, you only have one website; having multiple websites divides traffic, as well as the ranking benefits it provides.

These are just a few of the things a good web designer can do for your site. Call one up to ensure that your website looks and works great.



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