Infographics: The Best Tool for an Effective SEO and Link Building

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August 6  

Businesses know that the best way for their websites to get higher rankings is to gain as much quality links as possible. Even marketing experts agree that inbound links are vital in building a brand’s reputation, which they can do by creating enough interesting and excellent content.

Infographics The Best Tool for an Effective SEO and Link Building

Years ago, websites turned to guest blogging as an effective method of link building, yet most experts nowadays dismiss this as a spammy practice. Now that guest blogging is an obsolete link building tactic, websites can turn their efforts into creating eye-catching infographics instead.

Why Infographics?

Infographics have been around for quite a while now, and are defined as visual representations of data and information, with the goal of presenting complex information clearly and quickly. These definitely have an edge against guest blog posts, as infographics are more eye-catching and easier to digest than printed words. Furthermore, infographics are extremely shareable, and when shared on social media, it has the potential to go viral compared to written text.

Infographics and Link Building

Marketing experts, like Neil Patel, see the power of infographics to generate more backlinks than any other form of content. Content marketing expert Jeff Bullas further explains that upon using infographics for one of his blog articles, he was surprised to discover that infographic search volumes increased by as much as 800 percent between 2010 and 2012 alone. These experts warn, however, that infographics can generate this much traffic when done rightly – a positive problem to look forward to.

Creating Infographics the Right Way

Crafting an original and quality infographic for your SEO efforts isn’t as simple as organizing a couple of numbers and presenting them in an interesting way. It also involves a lot of time and effort, along with the right skills. You can either opt to hire a professional, or create infographics with your in-house team.

Creating an infographic begins by brainstorming and sharing fresh and useful ideas that are related to your industry. After getting an idea for your infographic, it’s time to visualize a great design to attract the attention of your site visitors and target market. Try telling a compelling story with your infographics, using visuals and pictures that can leave an emotional impact among people.

Your link building strategy, however, doesn’t end with creating infographics. To truly earn those links, you also need to utilize email marketing to reach out to more people. That, coupled with the SEO services of companies like Attract More Clients in Springfield, MA, can truly make your infographic a worthy tactic to pursue. With infographics in your link building strategy, you can then have the potential of generating more traffic and increasing your website’s rankings.



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