Why Your Mobile Site Load Time Needs to Be Fast


May 9  

Mobile Site Load TimeAccording to the latest research by Google, average mobile site load time stands at 22 seconds. Note, this is the average time it takes to load a site and not what is actually acceptable to your target audience. Further studies will tell you that 53% of visitors will abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. With so many consumers on the move and with high expectations of fast load times, it’s time to address your mobile site load time if it is falling short of their requirements.

The Big Risk to Business

And these expectations don’t start and end at your home page, either. If users experience slow loading on any of your pages, they are likely to choose a competitor’s site instead. Imagine the losses you could incur if their shopping baskets were full of products at the time things got slow or they were just about to engage your services. Just a little tweaking here and there on your site will ensure that your customers receive the best possible user experience and your reputation remains intact.

Be Fast Or They Will Be Furious

Human patience is in short supply when browsing online. Fortunately, help is at hand with a number of solutions that will speed up your load times and keep visitors happy. For example, creating a mobile version of your website or using a web design platform that presents a mobile version of your website can help to reduce unnecessary images or bloated web pages from appearing that could slow mobile site load time. To give you some guidance on load times, a web page that is 1.49MB in size takes around 7 seconds to load over a 3G mobile connection. For this reason, business owners should be looking to present only the most meaningful information on their mobile websites and cutting the elements that could cause lag and frustration.




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