6 Stories Of Local Optimization Done Wrong – Forbes

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July 18  

This is a great article, the just came out today from Jayson DeMers over at Forbes. Number 4 talks about something so important that most local businesses overlook. Read number 4 below and then click through and get the entire article. Great advice to follow if you want to attract more clients to your business. Happy marketing! Leave a comment if number four is something you missed to. There’s no shame in it!

4. Sandra didn’t correct her NAP information.In local SEO, NAP stands for your company’s name, address, and phone number—three basic pieces of information that are unique to your company’s identity. Google checks this information, indexes it, and compares it against sources all around the web to help canonize your business’s identity. Unfortunately, Sandra forgot to update her company’s address after moving to a new city, and as a result, there were two distinct versions of her company listed in third-party directories all over the web, leading to a disappearance from the local 3-pack of each city. Fortunately, this setback was reversible, through a local citation clean-up.

Source: 6 Stories Of Local Optimization Done Wrong – Forbes

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