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Inbound Lead Follow-Up Using Google Calendar

It’s shocking how badly so many businesses are at inbound lead follow-up according to this recent study from Conversica. Highlights of the research revealed: 111 (34%) of the 327 companies surveyed never responded to the sales lead. Only 1 of 216 companies that responded earned an “A” in all four categories. Only 8% met the […]

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Converting More Website Visitors Using Retargeting

Last week’s post and episode of “Secret Sauce” for Internet marketing success was about driving traffic to landing pages. So the next step in our funnels series is retargeting. Here’s why you want to use retargeting In simple terms. If 100 people went to your landing page, and only 2 converted. Retargeting can give you unlimited opportunities […]

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Why Not Drive Traffic to Landing Pages?

Last weeks Secret Sauce for Internet Marketing Success episode was about landing pages.  This week’s episode and post will get into driving traffic to those landing pages. There are lots of ways to drive traffic. I’m only going to talk about one for this article because I just want you to be inspired to start playing with driving […]

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Landing Pages for Online Marketing Success

If you’re not using landing pages in your online marketing strategy, it’s time to start. Sales funnels are a powerful way to nurture prospective customers toward buying a particular product or service. The first stop in most sales funnels is the landing page. It’s helpful to understand what makes a landing page different regular pages […]

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Surefire Holiday Remarketing Advice for Marketers And a Free Ad

For those who are still unclear about what remarketing means, this is basically the process of putting ads in front of anyone who have visited your website and browsed your products, but for some reason, didn’t purchase anything. This could have happened for a number of reasons and by remarketing that potential customer, you are […]

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