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Social Covers – 8 of 10 Have Them Wrong

Something that will never change is that first impressions matter. And that was true long before there was this thing known as social media. But social media is here, it drives our culture and our economy and first impressions matter there too because were still talking about people. If you care about growing your business, […]

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Social Covers For Social Media Success and Polish

Today I’m writing about social covers. Those are the images at the top of your social media pages. They are the first thing that anyone sees when they come to your page, and it’s remarkable how underutilized that valuable piece of real estate is. Let me show you what I mean. This business is putting […]

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Facebook Page? Why Businesses Need One

Small businesses do not already have a Facebook page set up on the popular social network have already fallen well behind the times. It is now well known and unanimously accepted that Facebook has changed the way businesses market. Small and large businesses alike are establishing their brands image and positioning themselves to be found by […]

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