Why Not Drive Traffic to Landing Pages?


March 7  

Last weeks Secret Sauce for Internet Marketing Success episode was about landing pages.  This week’s episode and post will get into driving traffic to those landing pages.

There are lots of ways to drive traffic. I’m only going to talk about one for this article because I just want you to be inspired to start playing with driving traffic to your landing pages.   

Facebook ads are exciting because of how targetable they are. Put simply, you can build an audience that can put an ad in front of Facebook users that have pretty much any need you can imagine. 

So here’s the anatomy of traffic

  1. The destination for it is your landing page.
  2. You have to have an audience
  3. A campaign
  4. One a more ad groups
  5. 1 or more ads.

Now it’s important to realize that success with traffic is all about knowing your numbers and that means knowing the average value of one new customer. When you know that you can decide in advance what you’re willing to spend to get another one just like it. It totally makes sense when you consider the whole point of advertising is to spend a little to get a customer worth a lot. And if you don’t know your numbers, you won’t be able to figure out the winning formula.

So here’s an example from a business that knows their numbers, They’ve got a landing page for an upcoming Coaches training that costs $1600 per attendee. They have a campaign, ad sets and ads., They’ve got a targeted audience of 22,000 Athletic coaches.

Now, If this ad gets 10,000 impressions and a 1% click through with a cost per click of about $2 which is actually a little high, the traffic costs them $200.

Traffic Is about impressions click through cost per click and conversion

If the landing page converts at 1%, Meaning that 1 of the 100 people brought to the landing page bought the training at 1600 dollars, that earns them $1600 on an investment of $200 in traffic. For a net of $1400.

for traffic revenue minus the cost of traffic equals your net

But Look at what happens when start split testing and you get that click through up to 2% that means landing page visits goes to 200 with conversion staying the same you now get, 2 customers, or $3200 in revenue for the same investment of $200 for the traffic.

in traffic split testing ads and increasing click through or conversion increases revenue


So start imagining what you can do when you know your numbers. You can start experimenting with traffic with very small and inexpensive campaigns while you work on getting your click through and your conversion to the numbers that are necessary to deliver the profitable results you plan for. The key is split testing.  Once you find the winning combination that produces the needed results, you scale that campaign simply by increasing your spend and buying more traffic.  

Your homework for the week, figure out your numbers, then do the math to establish the Click through, and the conversion you need to deliver new customers at the right price. Once you know that, you are ready to start creating campaigns and ads. Now, if you don’t want to do it yourself that’s okay. When you know your numbers in advance you can factor the cost of professional help into your equation. They will ensure that your campaigns are optimized to deliver an excellent return on your investment even with a management fee built-in. not having to do any to work and have a positive return is never a bad thing. Whichever way you choose to go you’ll be on your way to a profitable secret sauce for Internet marketing success using traffic. The next episode is going to be on retargeting. So we can learn how to, get another chance to convert the 99% in this example that didn’t convert on the first visit!


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