Inbound Lead Follow-Up Using Google Calendar


March 22  

It’s shocking how badly so many businesses are at inbound lead follow-up according to this recent study from Conversica.

Highlights of the research revealed:

  • 111 (34%) of the 327 companies surveyed never responded to the sales lead.
  • Only 1 of 216 companies that responded earned an “A” in all four categories.
  • Only 8% met the 5-minute response time best practice. And the average was 52 hours.
  • More than half the companies made contact no more than 2 times before giving up, even though best practice is 8 or more.
  • Though including a personal greeting or signature increases the likelihood of lead response, 30% of companies didn’t personalize their communication in any way.

How Is the Inbound Lead Follow-Up with Your Business?

This weeks episode of Secret Sauce for Internet Marketing Success, reveals a super simple solution for leads follow-up using a Google calendar.

You have hard-earned, valuable leads coming in from Lead capture forms, Phone calls,  Facebook messages etc.

The worst thing that can happen is not following up to turn a lead into a paying customer. Flawless follow-up is about preparing to be successful with your Internet marketing campaigns. At its simplest it means automating reminders to go on indefinitely until each lead is either lost or converted.

Marketing Automation Is An Entire Industry

Yes there are infinite solutions available in the world that range from free to very expensive. The reality is that a Simple free system is often better than expensive solutions that are difficult to configure and have a long learning curve.  The right one for you is the one that gets the job done. If you don’t already have a solution in place, or whatever solution you have you’re not using effectively, check this out. You’re going to be shocked at how effective flawless follow-up can be using nothing more than an e-mail address in the Google calendar.

Simple Lead Follow-Up System in Less Than a Minute

  1. Go to Google calendarLead Follow-Up Using Google Calendar
  2. Create a new calendar, called inbound leads.
  3. You get a submission from your website contact form via e-mail.
  4. Click more and create an event.
  5. Set the time
  6. Set the repeat
  7. Assign it to the inbound leads calendar
  8. Configure notification alerts
  9. Set who you want to receive notification, and save.

Simple free effective flawless lead follow-up. If you don’t already have a process set, use that one and you’ll never allow a hard-earned lead to fall through the cracks again.

Got a better, easier, cheaper, more flawless inbound lead follow-up process? Share It!

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